Announcing personal accounts and t-shirt sale visibility settings

Aug 21, 2016Accounts let you personalize the merchants and t-shirt sales you see on Day of the Shirt.

Day of the Shirt now allows you to create a personal account on our website. By signing up for an account and signing in, you can choose which t-shirt websites you see on the front page.

More than 50 daily and weekly t-shirt sale websites are listed on Day of the Shirt. With an account you can now track only the sales that interest you. Not every t-shirt sale is for everyone: the merchant may not ship to your country, or their price may be more than you’re willing to pay, or you just don’t need another Doctor Who t-shirt, ever.

By creating an account you can select the t-shirt sales you want to see and uncheck the sales you don’t. Then, anytime you’re logged into your account you’ll see the t-shirt sales that interest you.

To personalize your front page, start by clicking Sign up, completing the new account form and confirming your email address. Then visit your Account settings and click Merchant visibility. You’ll see a list of all the merchants we feature; you can uncheck any merchants you want to hide and click the Save merchant settings button. Done! Anytime you close your browser or open our website on another device, you’ll need to Sign in to your account again.

We’ve been beta-testing the new feature with great results. One of our visitors wrote “So I just signed up, got my confirmation e-mail quickly; all of that was a breeze, and the checklist to hide stuff is super simple.” Another visitor simply said “I love the feature.”

Create an account right now on Day of the Shirt and begin customizing your list of daily t-shirt sales.

– Ben

P.S. We ❤️ your feedback! Have ideas for how to improve this feature or further personalize your account? Please let us know. Tweet us at @dayoftheshirt or email us at [email protected].