Favorite and bookmark your favorite designs

Dec 6, 2016 — Today I’m really excited to officially announce a new feature for users of Day of the Shirt: Favorites. Favoriting allows you to bookmark designs, ensuring you can’t lose track of them even when their sale ends and they drop off our front page.

Any t-shirt design featured on Day of the Shirt can be added to your collection of favorites. Click the ☆-star on the design to favorite that t-shirt. Visiting your Account page will show all designs you’ve favorited, even if they’re no longer for sale. This feature is available for users who have registered and signed into their account.

I built the Favorites feature to help me save the designs I love for later. I’ll also sometimes get messages from users of Day of the Shirt searching for a design they saw last week but dropped off our front page. The ability to favorite and bookmark a t-shirt sale makes that experience better.

– Ben