November t-shirt update: added Movitees, removed RedBubble (for now), brief Shopify thoughts

Nov 12, 2023 — Hello, it’s November 2023! Ugly sweater t-shirt season is upon us once again. Here’s a Day of the Shirt update:

Added Movitees. They have some cool movie-inspired designs that seem to be updated and added to. I also appreciated that a few folks reached out to me, in addition to the site owner, asking to list them. As always, please send me an email ([email protected]) if you ever have trouble with your order.

Removed RedBubble (for now). I’ve struggled to keep their listings updated, and I’d rather have fresh t-shirts than stale ones, so I’m removing the site. If it gets easier again, I may add RedBubble back.

Let’s step behind the curtain for a minute. My process for adding t-shirt websites is this: I’ll personally visit the website over a few weeks or even months. Then I’ll manually try sharing a few designs on Day of the Shirt and see how that goes, and then I’ll write up some automation scripts to automatically share new designs and then it’s “t-shirts go brrrrrr”. ….until something changes and breaks the automations, and then I have to fix them. And sometimes they break a lot and I’m spending a lot of time simply fixing things and that’s when I start questioning whether that website sparks joy. And here we are.

Brief Shopify thoughts. I counted again and about three-quarters of all websites listed on Day of the Shirt are hosted on Shopify. The remaining sites seem to be using their own bespoke e-commerce systems, and one more is on Squarespace. I know, I know this is metagame stuff. But if you’re thinking “gosh, I want to set up my own t-shirt website”, here’s your answer how ….though I’d still recommend you start with a marketplace like TeePublic first to see how much you like it.

That’s it, that’s the update. Enjoy your t-shirts and we’ll see what Black Friday brings us soon enough.