Top 10-ish Pop Culture T-Shirts of 2017

Dec 28, 2017 — 2017 is nearly over and, wow, these holiday naps have been well-earned. We’ve all survived this year and are gearing up for 2018, so check out some of the most popular t-shirts analyzed from more than 40,000 daily t-shirt deals and hundreds of thousands of clicks and taps.

Top T-Shirts of 2017

Top ten t-shirts: 10 to 8

10. OH HI SANTA on Pop Up Tee captures both the worst movie of all time and the 10th most popular t-shirt.

9. Glossary by A Tarrisse on Threadless is your shirt if laundry tags on clothing are difficult to understand.

8. Strange BFF on Pop Up Tee lines up well because friends don’t lie.

Top ten t-shirts: 7 to 5

7. Mystery Shirt on PopVulture ranked high on the list even though we don’t know what the design is.

6. Strange Quest 1983 by stevenlefcourt on RIPT masterfully captures the show’s 2nd season.

5. I Hate Your Child by BryanKremkau on BustedTees shows that frustration that can only be spelled out on the fridge.

Top ten t-shirts: 4 to 2

4. Sithonia by AtomicRocket on RIPT feaures one of the best albums of all time + Star Wars ™ , together at last.

3. Strange Awakening by Ovian on RIPT pits Kylo Ren and 11 in a duel across space and time. We’re rooting for 11 here.

2. My First Knife Fight by StevenRhodes on BustedTees combines that “Boys Life” vibe with some PG-13 violence. What could go wrong?

Top ten t-shirts: #1

1. Rey Pin Up by Andrew Tarusov on Shirt Battle shows that Star Wars ™ continues to reign supreme. This shirt was the most popular design in 2017. If you’re curious, there’s a pinup Darth Vader and it ranked 48th.

Top Collection

Top t-shirt collection of 2017

T-Shirt collections continue to be popular so we’re separating them out from individual designs. We found the TeeFury Exclusives Collection to be the most popular collection of 2017.

Honorable Mention

Honorable mention

This Reversible Octopus and Reversible Cat plush toys at TeeTurtle garnered some attention in 2017. Making a note for our kitties at home.

It’s almost 2018…

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