Weekly update for January 10, 2016

Jan 10, 2016 — This week was filled with maintenance and a bit of writing.

Code tweaks and clean up

Even though it’s not visible on the website, I did a lot of housekeeping behind the scenes on the website code: fixing inconsistencies and streamlining the code. Code can get a bit messy when developing new features and it’s smart to revisit it with fresh eyes. Reworking the code makes it simpler to understand thus making it easier to modify in the future when developing new features.

I also fixed the t-shirt collection code for Pampling after they tweaked their own website design.

New “About Us” page

I find that many of the emails I receive contain the same questions or comments. So I created an About page that should answer some of those common questions. That page will also serve as a starting point for adding more information and color to in the future.

Please check out our new About page and send us an email if you’re still left wondering about anything on Day of the Shirt.