Weekly update for January 24, 2016

Jan 25, 2016 — This will be a brief one with many small changes.

Shirt “card”, “promotion”, and News tweaks

Nothing should look visually different, but I rewrote the HTML+CSS for displaying shirts on our front-page. Shirt permalink pages—where you go when you click the “info” link—have been rewritten too. The code is cleaner now and definitely more maintainable and flexible for future changes.

Last week I noted the choice of a new set of words to describe on sale as “promoted”. I spent more time rewriting things to be consistent.

In regards to this “News” section, I made the column of text wider because I found the previous narrow column difficult to read.

Sale listing fixes

We had some issues updating sales from Tee No Evil and ShirtPunch. Those issues have been addressed.

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