Weekly update for January 30, 2016

Feb 1, 2016 — One month into the new year and I’ve already done something that embarrasses me.


I accidentally deleted a lot of old shirt sales; about 20,000 of them. This doesn’t really affect much because Day of the Shirt is about today, but it’s the matter of “accidentally” that concerns me. The deletions were an unexpected side effect of cleaning up some other code. I could still restore the deleted sales from backups, but I realized there was a lot of other cleanup that’s much easier to do now that I don’t have a huge pile of old sales lying around.

An early Spring cleaning

To make lemonade from lemons, I also did some intentional cleaning and removed 25 old t-shirt websites that were still in our database but no longer exist on the Internet. I’m planning to write a blog post in remembrance those old t-shirt websites.

Punctuation tweaks

When writing last week’s update, I realized that my triple-hyphen wasn’t automatically being turned into an M-Dash. So I updated the formatting (I use Markdown) to also convert special characters.

What is your biggest t-shirt-related mistake? Maybe it’ll make me feel better. Email us at [email protected] or tweet us at @dayoftheshirt.